Banned Instagram Hashtags To Avoid 2022
Banned Hashtags

Hashtags are an important part of any business’s Instagram strategy, but it’s important that you monitor which ones you use. You don’t want to accidentally use a banned hashtags as it can ruin your entire Instagram marketing plan. You have used a lot of different hashtags and other Instagram organic growth strategies and your account has not grown much (or not at all), you may be using hashtags that have been banned by mistake.

What are banned hashtags?

Banned hashtags are hashtags that Instagram users have reported because posts they use violate Instagram guidelines, which means that any posts that use that hashtag will be hidden, which will only harm your organic reach and growth. According to community reports and Instagram research, they are constantly changing. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t publish a list of hashtags that are currently banned, but that’s why such articles exist!

Why does Instagram prohibit hashtags?

Instagram bans hashtags based on user reports. Usually, this happens because people post inappropriate content and use certain hashtags. However, some of the hashtags that have been banned are ones you wouldn’t necessarily expect, like #beautyblogger. However, sometimes alternatives nearby are still fine.

Most users would not post inappropriate content with harmless hashtags; Instead, these posts are usually from bots or spam accounts. This is another way Instagram is trying to crack down on fake accounts in order to improve the Instagram platform for its users. real users. For all details, see the platforms policy.

What happens if I use a forbidden hashtag?

If you use one of these banned hashtags, your post won’t appear to your audience. People can only see it by visiting your profile, when you link to it in your stories, or when they search for the banned hashtag and scroll through the results. If you use too many banned hashtags, Instagram could flag your account, which could eventually lead to a “shadow ban” or even the deletion of your account. The approach here is to play it safe. Check your hashtags before using them to make sure you are only using approved, working hashtags that are showing your post to more potential Instagram users and followers, not the other way around.

How to Avoid these banned Hashtags?

Well, as mentioned earlier, Instagram itself does not publish a constantly updated list of banned hashtags, and they change with some frequency. You can start by looking for such resources and browsing the list of hashtags currently blocked. If you do use one of these, remove it from your plan. There are many different hashtag strategies that businesses can use. Some people like to create a large bank using hashtags that are compatible with their business and the posts they typically create. I will pull from this hashtag selection every time they post to get them to pick the most accurate hashtags. Other people create a few different “sets” of hashtags. Then when you post, choose the set that fits best. This can save you time, but it also means your hashtags won’t be as specific and accurate as if you selected them every time.

Even other people post and then create the hashtags that they will use right there without already having a bank to choose from. This is definitely the most time-consuming way to go and when you don’t have your hashtags list ready. Before you hit the “Post” button, you are wasting valuable time as the Instagram algorithm starts sorting and sorting the time of the post’s publication. Regardless of which method you use to add your hashtags, it’s a good idea to double-check them first to make sure you’re not using a blocked Instagram hashtag. If you have a hashtag bank or sets, you can check them occasionally to make sure none of them are added to the blacklist. If you choose hashtags every time, you’ll want to check them every time too. Since Instagram uses such bans to find and remove fake accounts, it is important to keep an eye on your behaviour, so it doesn’t appear as spam. One way to do this is to mix up the uses of your hashtag. Using the same 10 hashtags in a single post is an indication to Instagram that you could be a fake bot or account. Instead, use different hashtags that are directly related to your image and content. The algorithm can see if the hashtags you used to match the objects in the picture you posted, and this can help prove that it is a real person with a real account.

How to check if a hashtag is banned?

To check if a hashtag is blocked, just go to the Explore tab and enter the hashtag you want to use. Then click on it and see what happened, community has reported that the content does not meet the guidelines of the Instagram community, it is a banned hashtag. If you search for it and don’t see this message, just the number of posts and other hashtag information, you’re clean and ready. If you haven’t checked your hashtags lately and you’ve seen a drop in engagement on your posts, it could be a sign that one of the hashtags you were using has been banned. Take the time to look up your hashtags and see what it is. Then remove it from your plan, add a new one instead, and watch your participation rise again. because they are constantly changing and there is never any direct information from Instagram about them. However, the engagement and growth that can come from using good and accurate hashtags are well worth the extra steps required to avoid using a banned hashtag.

The List of Banned Instagram Hashtags from A-Z













#beautyblogger (**Note: #beautybloggers plural works.)






















#hardworkpaysoff (**Note: #hardworkpaysoffđź’Şworks.)











#kansas (**Note: #kansascity works.)






































#snapchat (**Note: #snapchatđź‘»works.)

























Found a banned hashtag that is not on this list? Let us know so we can keep this resource updated!

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