How To Make Awesome Videos For Social Media

Video will reign supreme in social media content in 2022. 82% of internet traffic is directed to video. This is 15x more than it was in 2017, a trend that was hard to predict. Instead of reading more, we are now reading less and prefer to watch as much as possible. TikTok’s popularity is growing as Facebook declines. It all boils down to creating amazing videos if you want your social media game to improve this year.

Keep YOUR VIDEO short

Every click is a costly one because of the sheer volume of video content that users are viewing. They may not want to see long videos every day, but they will still be interested in 60-second clips. Short and simple videos generally get more views, which can lead to more exposure for your company.

A shorter video allows you to focus more on the quality of each shot. You can pick the best footage possible to impress your audience. However, longer videos require more filler and fluff. You might prefer to make several short videos if you are working on complex topics.

Do not neglect audio

Sound is often overlooked by novice video producers. It is easy to believe that visual quality is all that matters. Audio is what tells the story. It creates the mood, punctuating times in time. Talking in the background, whistling winds, or complete silence can all create a vivid picture that is even more vivid than actual photographs.

Keep this in mind when you think about your microphone. The majority of smartphones have sufficient quality to capture stunning images. The microphone is not designed for use in phone calls. To ensure clear audio quality and less noise, invest in an external microphone.

Professional VIDEO Production Standards

In the past, online video was expected to look a little grainy and shakey. There’s no reason to be shaky or grainy in videos these days. Uploading lower quality footage is impossible with the average smartphone capable of creating stunning 4K footage. Even the largest media companies use a standard iPhone to film. If the video quality is poor, most viewers will turn off.

It is easy to learn basic camera skills online, but you’ll get better results if you outsource the camera work to digital video professionals. You can also find someone locally, they will also ensure that your footage meets the standards set by social media users.

The winners of social media marketing this year will be those who focus on video. This is what consumers are looking for, so it’s crucial to do as much as you can. This will help your brand to gain more followers and hopefully lead to higher conversion rates. One thing to mention, is that although video is important, make sure you have a content plan or strategy in place!

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