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At our SEO consultancy service, we recognise that search engine optimisation is crucial for online visibility and business success. Our adept team of ‘SEO bees excels in assisting websites to climb search engine rankings and connect with more potential customers.

By employing a variety of strategies, such as keyword research, content optimisation, and backlink building, our SEO specialists can help your website buzz its way to the top! If you want your business to soar in the digital sphere, contact our SEO consultancy today, and let our experts handle the rest!

Organic Search

Increase organic search engine traffic and rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Brand Visibility

Amplify brand visibility on the web due to improved SERP rankings.

Customer Engagement

Boost customer engagement by ensuring website content is optimized for popular search engine crawlers.

Challanges & Our Solution

Are you seeking a way to enhance your website’s visibility in search engine results? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help. SEO is the process of optimising webpages for better ranking in organic search engine results, driving more relevant traffic, and improving user experience on your website.

However, reaching the top rankings can be a challenge. Here are some common difficulties many websites face when it comes to SEO:

  • Content that lacks focus or relevancy to target topics
  • Poor keyword research
  • Lack of backlink authority-building activities
  • Unstructured website navigation and low page depth

Fortunately, our team of experienced SEO professionals at our SEO consultancy can provide a tailored solution to help you overcome these challenges and ensure your website gets noticed. We offer comprehensive services including keyword research, content optimisation, link building, technical audits, and ongoing reporting. All of our strategies are fully compliant with search engine guidelines and will deliver sustainable, long-term results.

Our Process

Optimisation process

content process

content writers

backlinks process

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The optimisation process

At our SEO consultancy, we’ll Buzz into action – Our team of hard-working bees will conduct a thorough audit of your website to find any issues – all while fixing it up in the months ahead.

It’s a lot of work, but totally worth it – you’ll be buzzing up the rankings in no time!

At the end of each busy month, we’ll provide an optimisation report that goes over everything we did so you can get a better understanding.

the content process

Before we get to the buzz of creating engaging content, our team of Content Researchers will first craft a plan for your site based on industry trends, competitor data, and your target keywords.

We like to take care of the research process so our content can truly deliver a genuine boost in organic traffic over time – that’s how you’ll reach the top of the hive!

the contenting writing

Our SEO consultancy can help your site soar to the top of the hive by publishing weekly blog posts. We’ll make sure everything is truly buzz-worthy and created with genuine, informative content that delivers an enjoyable user experience.

No AI writing bots here – just pure, undiluted content produced by our in-house buzzers! Our word count can also be tailored to fit your requirements; it typically ranges from 550 to 700 words but can always be increased based on your industry or target keywords.

When you’ve approved the article, we’ll take care of all necessary bee-hind-the-scenes work such as publishing and indexing – any revisions needed will usually be done within one to two working days, depending on its complexity.

the backlinks process

When it comes to ranking higher on Google, some SEO companies try to take shortcuts – like buying links from irrelevant and unengaging websites. But don’t be fooled by the promise of “fast money”! These tactics can get your website banned from Google before you know it.

our SEO consultancy, we don’t do any of that – no PBNs, forum comments, subdomain web builder links, directory links or paid guest posting. Instead, we use custom outreach strategies to acquire link placements on websites relevant to both local businesses and online businesses.

Plus, these are always do-follow links – so not only do you get the benefits of quality backlinks but also a referral site that endorses your website for its quality content! And you won’t see the results immediately – we focus on quality over quantity which means it will take about three months for the process to yield results.

But rest assured that our technique is 100% in accordance with Google’s requirements and transparent policies.

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Things To Consider

How long does SEO take on average?

The short answer is between 4 to 12 months. However, the longer answer relates to all the factors which influence your SEO strategy. If you focus on low-competition keywords, you can start seeing tangible results within 4-6 months.

Why does SEO take so long?

In short, it’s because the algorithms used by search engines have gotten increasingly complex. It is no longer possible to reach the first page of a SERP simply by stuffing keywords into your content. A strong SEO strategy now needs to consider many more factors which affect a website’s rankings.

How many hours does it take to do SEO?

The number of hours for SEO depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the website, the quality and quantity of content, and many more. Generally speaking, our SEO consultancy can take anywhere from 8 to 40 hours a month devoted to SEO activities to see tangible results.

Important Information

Keywords: Researching and optimising the best keywords for your content based on relevancy and search volume.


Important Information

Content quality: Improving the quality of your content to ensure it is informative, interesting, and engaging

Important Information

Technical optimisation: Make sure that your website is technically sound by optimising page speed, mobile friendliness, proper redirects, etc.

Client View

We’ve been working with Bee Social Marketing for over a year now and have been over the top happy with the quality work and creativity they bring to our company. We’ve experienced good growth and engagement on all of our social media platforms. We plan to continue working with them for the foreseeable future. Thank you Bee Social Marketing for your outstanding work!

Ryan Rudiry

Marketing Manager, Top Schools

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