Social Media Management Pricing

When it comes to social media marketing, the cost is going to depend on the complexity of the service you require. The frequency of posts also has an impact on cost, as the more you require, the longer it will take to generate and schedule.

Most business owners opt for an average monthly package, which ranges between £400 and £600 a month. This would include the generating of content and some feed support, but wouldn’t be as in-depth as what other packages can provide.

Though, the beauty of social media marketing is it’s totally customisable to your needs. So, it’s possible to start small and build up the level of support you need, or even scale back services that aren’t needed. This makes social media marketing a very flexible and affordable option for businesses of all sizes.


Posts Written & Designed

For each of our social media marketing packages, we write and design every post. With a library of thousands of eye-catching designs, plus our custom designs, we make eye-catching content for your business social media platform. 

Interaction & Responses

So the likes and comments are flooding in, and you’re busy running your business. No problem! We interact with your customers, keep the conversation going, and point them in the right direction. Whether that’s giving them contact information, directing them to your website, or answering questions on behalf of your business. You choose what we do, and what you’d like to handle yourself. 

Manage Social Media Inboxes

If you choose, we can handle all enquiries through your business’s social media channels. Whether it’s questions on posts or private messages to your business. We’ll record the customer details, and email the enquiry over to you. You can let us know how you’d like certain queries handled and who in your company to forward them to. 


Why should my business use social media?

In traditional marketing, word-of-mouth (WOM) is considered one of the most powerful forms of business marketing. In the digital arena, WOM marketing is still prevalent, with consumers taking to social media platforms to share product reviews, tutorials, and recommendations to potentially millions of other users. Let our team of expert social media managers create compelling content, engage with users and drive traffic towards your website for you.

Which platforms do you cover?

We work with the most popular platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and YouTube. Each social media platform requires a different strategy. As platforms and algorithms are constantly changing and evolving, we make sure we are up to speed on the latest best practices for posting and growing engagement.

What is Pay per click?

Pay per click – often shortened to PPC – refers to an advertising model in which companies pay each time a user clicks onto their site. PPC is used by businesses to increase the amount of traffic towards their site – usually complimenting an organic SEO strategy.

Will I get progress updates?

Yes! We provide monthly update reports for our social media management services, including the social media activity for your business across the platforms we manage for you. If you have any questions or wish to adjust your strategy with us, just get in touch. 

Is there a minimum contract?

We like to have a minimum of three months to show you what we can do. After that, your subscription is on a monthly rolling basis. If you wish to cancel, just let us have 30 days’ notice. 

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