The Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn remains an underutilized social network with constant expansion and development. LinkedIn is an invaluable addition to any content strategy that you’re using on Facebook. This article is filled with helpful LinkedIn tips you can immediately implement to increase visibility and increase sales.

What is LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn is more than just another social media. Yes, millions of professionals use LinkedIn every day in their networking careers, but you can also use LinkedIn to build brand awareness. This online professional network gives you millions of potential prospective clients and businesses that can be used in the development of a relationship. LinkedIn is an online professional networking website/ social media.

Throughout the day there are many activities related to business which are posted on the LinkedIn feed, allowing you to network with fellow business leaders, expand your reach and build LinkedIn connections.

Importance of a marketing strategy

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LinkedIn does more to promote your business than any other social media. However, we must have a specific marketing plan for the platform. Because LinkedIn has different audiences, marketing requires different methods to reach your goal. Sprout Social reports the average LinkedIn business generates 262% more leads than Facebook. And some B2B marketers say that LinkedIn has produced about 80% of their lead generation.

LinkedIn lets you get more website visitors, find qualified leads, promote thought-leadership content and build professional connections. Besides selling jobs, it also helps job seekers and business professionals connect with their potential customers. This is the main reason LinkedIn is the most effective platform to advertise your company page.

Keep your publishing schedule consistent

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LinkedIn’s platform possesses a reputation for a very long content lifespan, allowing the company to offer a platform which requires an annual publishing plan that can not be changed during an event. The system needs consistency in its operations. Every time your blog is published, your audience will expect it daily, which builds a trusting relationship. Choose a time that fits the business plan and stay at a certain level for a month. Find out what day or time produces the most engagements and incorporate this into your current LinkedIn marketing efforts. We will be discussing a few useful methods to utilize the LinkedIn platform.

Create posts of different lengths

Long stories catch the reader’s attention and result in an extended stay in the app. This type of post should be included in the content of your LinkedIn. It’s not worth being portrayed as someone sharing monologues because the network can’t read these. Too many long posts can appear lacking in substance which makes it harder for someone to be considered a thought leader.

Share external articles on the platform

LinkedIn has internal link-management tools that allow it to create and maintain external sites for its visitors. If your posts have value and relevant content for your audience, they should help your business. Although you do not require formal credit unless you link directly from your site, it is not the right choice to tag your article with their hashtag. Occasionally, you can share your post in the interest of your followers, or you can add comments below the article to introduce yourself to the readers.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are used in LinkedIn postings and can be effective at helping improve your marketing strategy. This simple phrase preceded with hashtag symbols is goldmines for gaining new audiences. However, using too much can be detrimental to your ability. This means you should be careful in your search on LinkedIn for a suitable hashtag.

Use the search bar to start searching for hashtags. For example, if you are working in growth marketing you should begin looking for hashtags in the search engine #growthmarketing.

Know when to use a LinkedIn Profile vs. a LinkedIn Page

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LinkedIn Page followers can follow without sending connections or waiting for approval. When someone shares your page with a friend, they can immediately view your content. LinkedIn page and LinkedIn profile have separate functions for marketing. Pages are public but are mostly utilized by businesses. The profiles can be kept secret for specific users. They work with LinkedIn algorithms, and you will also have various tools for growing audiences.

Add a LinkedIn background photo to your profile

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You could add some personality by including background photographs. While a free one can be updated for personal branding, your particular interests will attract the eye of employers and recruiters. In LinkedIn’s opinion, the picture must have an approximate resolution of 15584 x 396 pixels and be JPG, PNG or GIF files less than 8 MB. Profiles and banners can be added to both your personal account and your company page.

Take advantage of the blog and website links in your LinkedIn profile. This link can be found on your LinkedIn profile. You can use links within the profile to improve your search volume. You can now attract visitors to specific places on a site and use that to drive traffic elsewhere. If you produce podcasts you can share them on LinkedIn (for example, SoundCloud) for promotion on your website or blog.

See who viewed your profile

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Discover how people are looking at your LinkedIn account and marketing materials. Tell me the answer. Who saw my profile?

This tool is available in the main navigation via the Dropdown Profile and lets you find exactly who visited your website. You can view the profile views you have for the business you are in.

Optimize your profile for search engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not only about the web but it can be done on any social platform. This keyword will be added in different sections of the profile such as the headline and your summary.

3 important LinkedIn marketing tips

Whether or not to promote your company on LinkedIn depends entirely on your goals. Here are three things you can do for being a successful marketing professional.

Post at the best time

List the best days for posting on LinkedIn? There is no perfect day for this. Everything varies depending on what your target audience is on LinkedIn. It depends on many things, including their time zone and their work schedule. Content marketers are successful – as is true with any marketing technique – when they know their audience. Hootsuite supports them in every possible way for now. Not only can you set your postings for upcoming posts ahead of time and you don’t need them, but you can set them for automatic scheduling at the right time for you. Hootsuite analyses your previous performance to determine which audience is engaged.

Learn from LinkedIn Analytics

If we can’t track our movements we can hack. In all seriousness, measurement of the effectiveness of a product is possible without relying on inaccurate or outdated data. LinkedIn provides analytics that tells you what you want, but the free version is available through Hootsuite Analytics. This is a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about Hootsuite Analytics.


Hootsuite is a tool for improving LinkedIn’s SEO. Hootsuite does the job with post planning, automatic schedulers, placement ad posting, simple responses to comments and the best analytical tools. Hootsuite + LinkedIn = BFs But Hootsuite has more potential than LinkedIn or other social networks. See the power of Hootsuite.

LinkedIn marketing tips to grow your business

Create a company page, this way you can reach out to customers, partners, and employees. LinkedIn also offers several features that can help you promote your products and services. For example, you can post updates and announcements, share blog posts and articles, and run LinkedIn ads. In addition, LinkedIn allows you to track the performance of your page with analytics tools. As a result, a LinkedIn business page can be a valuable asset for any company.

How does LinkedIn help grow a company?

Direct postings on LinkedIn have become the largest part of the platform. Depending on the topic a post is going to gain popularity on LinkedIn. Depending on the topic a post can be added to a category and could attract tens of thousands or more visitors. This can also be aided if you join groups, where the LinkedIn posts can be shared again.

Join Linkedin groups and stay active

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A tip I often share with small business owners is to join a LinkedIn group relevant to your audience. It’s great for ‘listening’ to what your audience is talking about, and sometimes a small business owner can talk about topics with one another.

What makes a successful company LinkedIn page?

A strong LinkedIn presence can be a major asset for any company. A LinkedIn company page can help to build brand awareness, help to generate leads and connect with prospective customers. To be successful, a LinkedIn company page must provide engaging content that is relevant to the company’s industry.

The page should contain a business name, and company description and also feature a call-to-action that encourages users to visit the company’s website or learn more about its products and services. By taking advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer, companies can create an engaging and effective presence that will help them to reach their business goals.

If you’re struggling with setting up LinkedIn pages, speak to our team who can advise.

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