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Bee Social Marketing is a digital marketing service based in Northamptonshire. We focus on attracting your target audience through effective social media tactics, SEO optimation and marketing strategy. This will help to portray your identity through online digital marketing efforts.

Our goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed in the ever-changing landscape of social media. We offer a variety of services that are designed to take the hassle out of social media management, freeing up your time to focus on running your business. 


Our digital marketing agency can manage everything from content marketing to paid advertising.

Social media can be time-consuming. But our team can handle the whole process and report back at the end of the month.

Saving you time

We Manage your social media accounts which will save time, allowing you to focus on your customers and grow your business.


We will manage everything from your social channels set up, to photoshoots and paid advertising to have your voice heard.


Data analytics / Monthly reports direct to your inbox.

Grow your business

Social media efforts allow you to get in front of your clients which only helps your business grow faster.

Friendly support

Our team is here to ensure everything runs like clockwork, so you can get on with what you do best.

Paid adverising

Advertising can allow your business to reach audiences in a cost-effective and impactful way.

media production


Social media is so much more than likes, shares, and retweets. We help brands with content creation and campaign management that have a real impact.

Our digital marketing agency, is supporting startups, small businesses, and multi-national companies with their social media strategy, content creation, paid social campaigns and community management.

We will help you to connect with your target audience, and build a relationship with them through effective social media marketing.


Bee Social Marketing is a leading SEO agency with proven experience driving high-quality organic traffic and additional revenue for many clients.

Our on-page optimization strategies boost your search engine rankings while improving ROI thanks to our unique plan Bee approach; off-site factors also have an impact which we take into consideration when developing unique campaigns that will provide you results!

Rank higher

Get higher rankings for your business with the right keywords and strategies by using our expert guidance.

Increase visibility

We are the best at what we do. Our experienced team of SEO professionals knows how to boost visibility and build brand awareness with clever content management, link building strategies that will bring traffic back in swarms!

Gain new clients

By using a combination of CRO and UX, we can help you secure new clients. We do this by focusing on optimizing your conversion rate as well as search engine results page rankings so that people find what they’re looking for in seconds instead waiting around trying random things out online!

Bee Social agency


Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to rank websites higher in search results.

To gain top rankings, it’s important that you have high-quality content with regular updates and blog posts as well as links from other sources such as social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

It is also crucial not only for your website but the people who link back towards yours too so they don’t lose traffic due to this change of algorithm happening all too often!


Our content marketing teams are always working hard to find the perfect balance between what will engage people and how they can benefit.

We know that if you write engaging copy, your website’s search engine rankings improve automatically!

We take great pride in our efficient reporting tools which allow clients like yourself to access data about their online presence so it’s easy for them to make changes when needed without having an expert look over everything first – this helps us provide better service than any other agency out there because we don’t just show results but give suggestions as well

Increase awareness

Imagine how many more times your brand could be mentioned in a single day if you had an expert team on board to help position it as the industry leader. Our content marketing campaigns are designed with the goal of maximizing visibility and increasing awareness for any company or product, so they’re guaranteed not just effective but also highly efficient!

Attract new clients

We know how important it is to have a well-thought-out content strategy that will help you build your brand and attract new customers.

Create demand

Your content strategy should be as unique and creative as you are. The right kind of information will make people demand your services, which can increase revenue or sales by generating increased interest in what you offer!

Social media agency


We know that to be successful, your content has got  to connect with the right audience. That’s why we use an effective data-driven strategy and keep our target personas at heart when creating each piece of digital media so it can generate leads for you!

Our team works closely together on all deliverables from blog posts or social posts through email campaigns; this means they’re always aware of what other pieces need optimisation in order to find key opportunities within their campaign which drive traffic conversions like clockwork – guaranteed

From Our Clients

Working with Bee social is so easy, the team understand what we need quickly and are very professional. Highly recommend.”

Sarah Tennet

CEO, Star Your World

Warren is a fantastically engaging, innovative and professional marketer and it has been a pleasure to work with him over the past 5 years. I would recommend Warren to any business wanting to develop their marketing strategies

Simon Elliott

CEO, Profit Hound

Warren has done an absolutely excellent job for us. He is approachable, very quick, highly professional, and always goes above and beyond. Could not be happier with his work and would recommend him.”

Palvi Dodhia

Co Founder, Serene Care

“Working with the Bee social marketing team has been easy and effective. They know what we want and need and always go above and beyond to support our business requirements.”

Alex Wright

Managing Director, Serengeti Spirits

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